At this page you can register yourself for the European Championship of 2017. Please fill in all information and make sure that you've filled in a valid email address. After your registration you'll receive an email with a confirmation link, only after clicking the link your registration will be valid.

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    When you register for the European Championship, you agree to the rules of the Championship. All rules are posted on the Rules page. Please contact us if not all rules are completely clear to you.


    The fee for participating in the European Championship will be € 55,-. This fee has to be transfered to the Dutch Moto Gymkhana association, once you've confirmed your registration you'll get the payment details.

    Registration limit

    Please note that we will have a maximum number of riders we can accommodate in the race. We don't expect that we will have to turn riders down, but if it turns out we'll have more riders than we can have, there will be a maximum number of riders per country. Again, we don't expect we'll have too many applicants. Aiming for 100 riders, from 10 countries, we can have at least ten riders per country, or more when some countries have fewer. Again, probably nothing to be worried about.