If you want to participate in the European Championship of 2017, you should adhere to the rules on this page. The Moto Gymkhana European Championship will follow the regulations as posted on In addition, the following rules and regulations will apply.

  1. Event staff and course marshals will wear orange bibs. Riders are required to follow orders from marshals and event staff at all times.
  2. Cars and vans are not allowed on the event premisses. There is sufficient parking space on the streets nearby.
  3. Participants will park their bike in the designated bike parking area.
  4. Riders will start at intervals of about one minute. The starting procedure is as follows:
    1. Riders will enter the warmup track about six minutes before their start time.
    2. A rider will enter the warmup GP8 about two minutes before their start time.
    3. A rider will be signalled to proceed from the warmup GP8 to the start box by a start official.
    4. When a rider proceeds to the warmup GP8, another rider can enter the warmup track.
    5. When a rider leaves the warmup GP8, the next rider can enter the warmup GP8.
  5. When a rider touches the start line and sets off the timing equipment before it is their turn to start, they will be disqualified.
  6. When a rider falls and does not want to continue the race, or is not able to continue the race, the clock will be stopped and they will get time to leave the track in a safe way.
  7. When a rider falls and the next rider approaches before the rider has continued the race, the clock for the next rider will be stopped and reset. This next rider will then proceed back to the start box and start again. If needed, the rider can again warmup at the warmup GP8.
  8. When a rider misses a pylon or an entire part of the course, or makes a mistake in the course, they can go back and retry. However, they can only do so once for every "figure", that is, once for every circle, packman, figure 8, jinx, etc. The reason for this is that the next rider is approaching and you don't want to delay or hinder the rider coming next to you.
  9. After finishing their race,, riders will proceed back to the riders quarter via the designated exit lane.
  10. Riders will have one hour to explore the track by foot. Track marshals will show riders around the track.
  11. After track exploration, the first rider will enter the warmup track. There will be a minimum of five minutes to warm up. At the signal of a marshal, rider will proceed to warmup GP8 and start box.
  12. Bib numbers will follow rider start positions. That is, rider with bib number 1 will start first, etc. This will allow riders to keep track of when to enter the warmup track: when rider 1 enters the track, rider 2 can start on the warmup GP8, riders 3-6 remain in the warmup track, rider 7 enters the warmup track.
  13. When you work on your bike in a way that may cause oil spills, you will be requred to use an oil mat. You can bring your own, or purchase one from the organization at a price of €17.50.
  14. If your bike has increased idling speed, you will need to have a stop switch with safety tether, to prevent runaway bikes on the track.
  15. Bikes will have proper protection against damaging the tarmac when the bike is dropped. This means, there can be no parts extruding from the bike that can damage the tarmac.
  16. There will be a bike inspection prior to the race. Riders can present their bike for inspection at the jury on Saturday afternoon. Bikes will be inspected for protruding sharp parts, kill switch tether if applicable, oil leaks, brakes, and bike and rider safety in general.
  17. Riders will wear a street legal helmet. If the helmet has a flip front, the front needs to be closed during the race. The visor may be open.
  18. All riders will wear a yellow bib, regardless of the color bib they wear at their national competition.
  19. There will be one class for all types of bike.
  20. There will be three prizes for the best three riders. Additionally, to encourage women, there will be one additional prize for the best lady rider.
  21. Rider times and penalty points will be published on a screen close to start and finish. Protests against jury decisions need to be filed within 15 minutes after the end of the heat. Final decisions will be made by the jury.
  22. The jury consists of the timing official, the chief track marshal and the chief course official.
  23. Riders will present themselves at the registration desk before the race. Registration desk will be open until half an hour before the start of the race. Riders who have not registered will not participate in the race, unless the jury decides they had a valid reason to be late.